Our Mission;

During a time where many have been, and are going through their own personal transformations, the ascension tour offers space for the being you’ve become to harmonize with the melody of the collective through social events intended to inspire authentic connections.

Our Vision;

An opportunity to celebrate, connect, create, engage, heal, love, release and share with other souls who have chosen to walk in their truth, the ascension tour is a sacred space for aligned engagements, authentic self expression, conscious collaboration, divine connection, healing conversation, love reciprocation, and welcomed co-creation.

The Ascension Tour
where your journey continues

A Journey through the Abyss

Home (n.) : the place where the soul lives.

Intention: journey through the abyss to the heart.

Intimately connect with the collective and yourself as we take a Journey Into the Abyss. Through a sacred gathering that begins with a Grounding Cacao Ceremony, we travel into the soul depths shattering the walls of vulnerability through deep and intimate conversation. Travel with Muse as she takes you into the depths of her abyss, and discover how she unlocked a life of everlasting abundance, radical self love, and true liberation.


Seattle, Washington 4/23

Portland, Oregon 5/14

Los Angeles, California 6/4

San Diego, California 7/9

Image by Eyasu Etsub
Image by Denys Argyriou

Dive into the beauty of darkness. Soar the breathtaking awe of light. Through art and poetry, explore the complexities of the human experience, and surrender to all that we are, as Muse, Honey, & Friends hold nothing back as they paint with words stories often left untold, and express the parts of self that are often restricted by projected limitations. Commencing with a magical grounding ceremony, elevate your vibration as you connect deeply to your mind, body, and spirit; creating a clear channel for divine messages and understanding. Close out the evening with connection, reflection and light refreshments.

Seattle, Washington 5/7

Portland, Oregon 5/21

Los Angeles, California 6/18

San Diego, California 7/23

Home (n.): the reflection of the soul.

Intention: ;truths revealed.

Dinner at the Table

Home (n.): fuel that nourishes the soul.

Intention: Dine with yourselves. Engage with your reflections.

Connect over an intimate meal with kindred spirits for an enlightening conversation and soul deep connection. An opportunity to serve and be served with immense gratitude in a home filled with divine love. Engage in deep belly laughter. Lavish in the beauty that is you and allow yourself to be fully seen for the God that you are.  All of you is welcomed here.

Seattle, Washington 4/30

Portland, Oregon 5/28

Los Angeles, California 6/11

San Diego, California 7/16

Image by Stephanie McCabe

Coming Soon

The Ancients

Creative Retreat
December 30th - January 2nd

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