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Los Angeles, California


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A Bit About Muse

Muse has committed the last 10 years of her life to creating opportunities for others to explore their healing journeys in unique and innovative ways. Muse was honored as a "30 under 30" recipient for the 47th district for her dedication to the healing of her community. As she focused on developing a healing arts community in Downtown Rialto, California she obtained her degree in Psychology from Cal State San Bernardino. After graduating she decided to focus her energy on becoming an emotional master through continued education, self study, and lived experience.


Muse was featured in Spectrum News and IECN News for her groundbreaking contribution to Downtown San Bernardino with her healing studio Grounded Self Care that served as a proactive solution to the lack of innovative mental health & spiritual resources becoming the first black owned healing studio in Downtown San Bernardino.


She was recognized by San Bernardino County and again by IECN News for the work that Grounded had done and the space it held throughout a devastating time that affected the entire world. Grounded provided healing services for teachers, students, county workers, non-profit organizers & more.


In addition to all that she has been recognized for over the last few years Muse has be holding space and building community through innovative experiences and gatherings from retreats, conferences, a healing festival, workshop series, healing ceremonies, open mics, and so much more.


Muse continues to cultivate opportunities to share all that she has learned after providing mind, body, & soul healing services for thousands of individuals. She remains committed to thinking outside of the box and remaining a trailblazer in all things healing. With all the wisdom she has discovered by intentionally diving into her own self work she continues forward in building a platform that amplifies the voices of those committed to their own healing healing journeys and providing sacred space to the community. Built on a sturdy foundation of truth, integrity, & authenticity she continues to build a legacy that will be a catalyst to expansion evolution and deep healing.

Speaking Topics

Emotional Alchemy

Muse was able to liberate herself from the captivity of debilitating emotions by learning to surrender to the waves and diving deep into the energetics of the emotional experience. By challenging her initial programming Muse was able to discover the divine purpose of the emotional body. Through intentional study Muse dissected the mental, spiritual, & energetic components of emotions becoming a master at leveraging the emotional experience for divine reflection, quantum growth & expansive evolution.  

The Language of Ascension

On her ascension journey Muse discovered the power of language and how speaking intentionally shapes your reality. She became a words smith designing her life by precisely articulating that in which she wanted to see manifest. She deprogramed her tongue and aligned her communication with the frequency of love. By doing so she was able clear her mind of karmic replays and replace them with experiences of joy and abundance. She learned the art of language and activated her throat charka helping her dissolve the illusion of perceived blockages.


Reincarnated many times Muse has a unique understanding of the human condition. Born in reflection she dedicated her early life to deeply understanding the human condition on a phycological & behavioral level. As she came into the remembrance of who she was on a spiritual level she was able to comprehend the human experience on a profound level. Gifted with divine wisdom and ancient knowledge of the human condition she has a unique perspective that has offered her the gift of liberation from worldly programming meant to keep us in captivity. She has discovered the power of being and unlocked the magic of authentic expression.

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