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There is a collective groaning coming from the children of the earth. We are yearning to be reunited. For many lifetimes we have  been separated by slavery, systematic oppression, & disease. We had our identities stripped from us and were taught to fear one another. We have been on a long journey of remembering who we are and rising above the pain they inflicted on us, the pain we inflicted on ourselves. We are ancient beings who have survived the harshest of conditioned and still chose love. We rose above every attempt to destory us and we fought for our freedom. The time has come, celebration may commence. We are finally free.


During the last several decades many of us have been preparing for this moment. We faced our deepest wounds and transmuted our pain into power. We took what was meant to destroy us and used it as tools to ascend beyond the limited beliefs that were given to us. We rose again & again.


Now we are prepared to usher in those who did not have the strength to go first. We are prepared to teach what we discovered on the journey and to create sacred space so that those ready to step into their power can do so with much more ease. The days of struggling alone are over because we have each other.


Its time for the reunion.

Hand in hand we will embrace our freedom, hand in hand we will welcome in divine love.


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